Japanese Call Girl [Escort Girls Club in Japan]


There is also a call girl systeim in a Japanese city of Tokyo and Osaka. Those are called [Delivery Health] or [DeliHeal] in Japan. Devoted by Japanese girls with ultra premium eroticism and hospitality!!

[Japanese Call girl – Escort Girls Club in Japan] – Rico MIyase
If you call DERIHERU, and such daughter comes, you’re lucky! Beautifulness is still, oh, but I have come. It was prepared, it’ll be transparent and you change into a swimsuit. Because it’s so transparent that you may say the nude mostly if I get wet with water, I also know the pink condition of the teat well. If you do a raw change while judging and having cancer, “U left”, a teat is PINKO rising. I’m just seen and am excited♪ I’ll take a bath and do a bubble bubble together. Disgust, it was transparent and KOKI was rolled up at the beautiful bottom which made a swimsuit make an inroad into. That’s an aim for “U which goes to DAME”. It becomes comfortable for Rico, too, and, until a performance, quickly, I, would! Even if No is called, it’s put in! It’s taken out at the inside!






This is the Japanese prostitute’s technique called SUMATA.

Very erotic Swim suits.